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Program Totals by Administrator

This figure summarizes solar project data for each Program Administrator (PG&E, SCE, CSE and GRID Alternatives) by number of applications, capacity (MW), or incentive amount. The figure can be further refined to display information by application status and host customer sector. Select the Table view below to display totals for each data type.

This report is current as of March 31, 2020.

Program Totals by Administrator

143,230 application(s) were included for the generation of this chart.



Installed Residential Installed In Applications Residential Pending Installed Non-Residential Installed In Applications Non-Residential Pending
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Table (xls)


General Market

Host Customer Sector

All Sectors

Data Type

Capacity (MW)
Incentive ($M)
Project Cost ($M)
# of Apps

System Ownership

Host Customer
Third Party

Application Status


Program Year 4

All Years
2006 to 2020
When an application is processed it goes through different statuses. These are described here
1The SASH Program is administered by GRID Alternatives. Only SASH Program data is displayed in the GRID Alternatives column of the Program Totals figure.
2Pending applications are considered to be those between the "Reservation Request Review" and the "Online Incentive Claim Request Submitted" statuses.
3Installed applications are considered to be those between the "Incentive Claim Request Review" and the "Completed" statuses.
4Program Year is set by the first of the following reservation dates: "Reserved Reservation", "Confirmed Reservation" or "Pending RFP". "Range" only includes projects that have an assigned Program Year. "All Years" also includes projects which have not yet been reserved.
For a further breakdown of data by status, please refer to figure "Application Status".