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In the coming months, will become the new public reporting site for the
California Solar Initiative (CSI), net energy metering (NEM) and other programs.

Program Goals

The CSI General Market Program has set a goal of installing 1,750 megawatts (MW) by 2016, with each Program Administrator allocated a certain percentage of this MW goal. This figure shows each Program Administrator’s progress towards its individual goal. Using the table view will display totals for each Program Administrator. MASH and SASH Program data are not included in this figure.

The data shown in this "Program Goals" figure are based on CEC-AC MW (see CSI Handbook) while the data shown in the "CSI Incentives Budget Report" are based on CSI Rating MW. For a given installation, the capacity in CSI Rating kW is equal to the capacity in CEC-AC kW multiplied times the design factor (which reflects the effects of shading, mounting, and orientation). The CPUC considers both CEC-AC MW and CSI Rating MW metrics to be valid measures of Program achievements.

This report is current as of March 31, 2020.

Program Goals

143,230 application(s) were included for the generation of this chart.



Installed Installed1 In Applications In Applications2 Remaining Remaining3
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Table (xls)
1"Installed" includes all applications that have reached the "Incentive Claim Request Review" status in the PowerClerk database.
2"In Applications" includes all applications that have reached the "Reservation Request Review" status in the PowerClerk database excluding projects with a "Waitlist", "Cancelled", "Withdrawn" or "Site Transferred" status.
3"Remaining" refers the the remaining megawatts a program needs to achieve its goal.