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Attention Users: Please see
for the latest CA solar data and statistics. will be retiring on Friday May 29, 2020. Please update your bookmarks and
references accordingly. All data and information will be archived and available on California DG Stats.

California Solar Initiative Data

All charts and tables found on the California Solar Statistics site are created from the CSI incentive application database and made available to the general public through the "Download Filtered Data" links on each figure, as well as through the complete files found on this page. The data is exported each Wednesday evening, and represents the most current and complete California Solar Initiative data available.

CSI Working Data Set

All figures and tables found on California Solar Statistics are generated from the CSI Working Data Set. A broad set of data tests are applied to the Raw Data Set to remove applications with critical data errors which may compromise the data presented on this site. Typically, less than 0.01% of applications are excluded by these tests.

CSI Raw Data

This set represents CSI data exactly as it exists in the database, including any applications that have been removed from the Working Data Set due to erroneous data. Please see the FAQ for more information about the differences between the CSI Working Data Set and CSI Raw Data.

Download CSI Raw Data Set Current as of May 28, 2020

CSI Measured Production Data Set

Projects that receive Performance-Based Incentives (PBI) also provide monthly system production data, which can be found in the Measured Production Data Set.

Download CSI Measured Production Data Set Current as of May 28, 2020

For data regarding solar projects which were incentivised before 2007 (Pre-CSI) please go here. For other questions or inquiries, please contact CSI support.